Shipping During Cold Weather

Old glass will fracture if exposed to quick changes in temperature

When you receive a package that you know contains old glass do not open it immediately!

Please Read

Older glass is not like Pyrex, it is very temperature sensitive and if "shocked" by too quick of a temperature change, it can and will fracture the glass. When you receive a package containing old glass, it is best that you let it sit unopened for at least 24 hours in your home and let the glass in the box slowly come up to room temperature. Even if it's not cold where you are, your package may have just recently left the cargo hold on an airplane where it can be very cold. The peanuts and bubble wrap used in shipping are very good insulators and can hold the cold in for quite a while.

I have paid the price for this myself many times even though I know better. Two years ago I left an open salt in my car overnight and without thinking, went out to get it the next morning after a 10 degree night. As soon as I walked through the door into my house I felt the glass move in my hand as a crack formed from one end to the other straight through the salt. It feels and sounds exactly the same as when you drop and ice cube into warm water. It may stay in one piece after the crack, but the glass will be damaged beyond repair.


Cleaning Old Glass

Old glass should only be hand washed with soap and close to room temperature water (water that is too hot or too cold can shock the glass and cause it to fracture). Also, do not wash your old glass in the dishwasher as it will eventually cause it to stain.

If you wish to clean the lids on your old Hoosier glassware use soap and some 000 (very fine) or finer steel wool from your local hardware store. Do not use Brillo or any other brand of scouring pad as it is too coarse and will leave scratch marks in the thin metal lids.